Rahman in "Veruthe oru Bhariya" - Guest Appearance


  1. റഹ്മാന്റെ മുസാഫിര്‍ പെട്ടിയില്‍ തന്നെയാണോ..?
    എന്തു പറ്റി..?

  2. More than 12 days to need complete the climax scenes of the film. And need to Shoot in Dubai as well...

    So...may be released in August. Theatres scheduled for August..

    Wait and See

    www.actorrahman.com Team

  3. Musafir Team,
    You are testing our patience, only one ting we need to tell that the film should be out standing OK???

    wish you all success

  4. Can you please affix the vedio of 20Twenty film part of rehman??

    Much appreicted

  5. He was not acted on film "20 : 20"

    Actorrahman.com Team

  6. He was in the cast list while produce, why opted out??

  7. He was in Malaysia with works of "Billa". So he missed that film

    actorrahman.com team

  8. That is his mistake, is this the way make public relation in the film industry. All others are busier than rehman, but Rehman is the only the actor cannot getting time to participate in 20Twenty, if his attitude is like this how he can go forward?? Actually we missed him in this wonderful film.. Very unprofessional approach. kindly correct your approaches to the industry people.

  9. Yes Rehman should act in this film, see many of the leading actors found time for this movie even if they are busier than rehman. When we took DVD to see Rehman he was no where in T20. very Disappointed.


  10. Dear Visitors...

    For correct clarification we contacted him and got info.

    The story you read in the top not correct...

    Real Story : After ending the film they were planned a song "kunchiyammakku anchumakkalane, anchaman omanakunchuvane..."

    Dileep called Rahman and fix his date also to sing this song in the film with Vineeth and some other actor. Rahman agreed and ask him to call before atleast one week.

    But as u know many schedules changed, shooting delayed... At last they cancel that song from film...So he is not in the film.

    This is the right reason...

    So dont blame him.

    Now he have good relations with Malayalam Film industry. More over he is attending Awards functions, Marriages of Actors or Relatives of Malayalam...Last he participated in Kavyamadhans Marriage, Ujala Asianet Awards..etc...You can search and see photos and videos in actorrahman.com

    www.actorrahman.com team editor Member

  11. OK, sorry for the misunderstanding..

    Also we suggest him to visit Jose Prakash's house as a courtesy to Rehman;s entrance thru his film Koodevide in Malayalam, Also Padmarajan's house to keep the human relation like mammokka & Jayaram do.. this is the way make good relation with people and express gratitudes. Rehman be a good human too..

    Your's sincere fans

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